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Optimize System Performance with Advanced Reverse Osmosis Technology

Improve system productivity, save energy, and reduce cleaning



Aqua Membranes revolutionizes industrial water reuse and water stewardship by providing the most robust and sustainable advanced reverse osmosis membrane elements on the market. Our solutions use printed spacers with a next-level low DP design that saves energy, increases output, and lowers fouling even with the most challenging feed waters.

Enhanced Fouling Resistance

Enhanced Fouling Resistance:

Printed spacers in membranes reduce fouling, increasing efficiency and lowering operational costs.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Reduced Energy Consumption:

Innovative technology cuts energy use by up to 30% with an ultra-low-pressure drop, aligning with sustainability goals.

Supports Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

Supports Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD):

Moves industrial plants towards water reuse applications so they can get as close as possible to ZLD.

Optimized Make-Up Water

Optimized Make-Up Water:

Membrane elements with 505 sq ft surface area and ultra-low pressure drop ensure superior performance and water savings.

Enables ESG Goals

Enables ESG Goals:

Solutions help industries meet rigorous environmental, social, and governance standards while enhancing operational excellence.

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Brackish Water:

Advanced Reverse Osmosis Products

Our two cutting-edge products, FLO and ECO, address the specific needs of brackish water desalination. Both leverage our unique 3D-printed feed spacers, which transform desalination processes by boosting productivity, enhancing energy efficiency, and reducing maintenance costs.

These products fulfill stringent water purity requirements and resolve long-standing operational challenges in the industry, making water reuse and water stewardship the new normal.

FLO Product

Designed 505 sqft of membrane and a low differential pressure (DP) feed channel, FLO maximizes productivity, allowing a significant increase in output under standard operational conditions. With 505 sq ft per membrane element, FLO is engineered to enhance output efficiently, supporting higher throughput without additional resource expenditure.

ECO Product

As the sustainable choice, ECO features an open spacer design that, combined with improved differential pressure (DP), reduces operating pressure and eases stress on the membrane. This design is particularly advantageous for high-recovery applications, reducing energy consumption and extending membrane lifespan, thus supporting your water stewardship and ESG goals in unprecedented ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make the Membrane Flatsheet yourselves?

No, we don’t. What makes us unique is that we improve the membrane element performance by printing a new feed spacer directly on the membrane surface.

How do you save energy?

We save energy by using the printed spacer to open the feed channel, allowing water to flow more easily through the membrane element. That means less energy is needed from your pump, saving money and electricity.

Do we need to purchase any additional equipment to use Aqua Membranes Technology?

No, you do not! Our reverse osmosis membrane elements have the same dimensions as traditional membrane elements. We simply enhance their operation, enabling you to improve the performance of existing equipment or, in some cases, use less equipment than you initially anticipated.

Do you have a projection software?

Yes, and it’s super easy to use! Go to create an account and see how printed spacers can improve your operations. We even have a brief demo video showing off all it offers.

Do your elements need any special cleaning chemicals?

Nope. We have extensively tested our membrane elements at standard cleaning conditions, and our printed spacers have always held up! 

How do you improve pressure drop (DP) with a thinner spacer?

Printed spacers provide a much more open feed channel, allowing water to flow through each membrane more easily. Unlike mesh, which acts like a dam, our printed spacers function like rocks in a rushing river. This unique difference is what makes our technology special.


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