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Aqua Membranes Named GWI Breakthrough Technology Company of the Year

ALBUQUERQUE, April 30, 2024 – Dedicated to innovation that drives sustainability, Aqua Membranes has been recognized by Global Water Intelligence (GWI) as the Breakthrough Technology Company of the Year in the 2024 Global Water Awards. The company was selected for notable business growth combined with the positive impact its Printed Spacer Technology® has on reverse osmosis treatment processes, including reduced energy consumption and fouling rates at installations from industrial wastewater treatment to desalination.

“We are deeply honored to receive the GWI award for Breakthrough Technology Company of the Year,” said Craig Beckman, CEO of Aqua Membranes. “After many years of hard work from the entire team, our vision for Printed Spacer Technology is coming to life. This recognition reaffirms our unwavering commitment to revolutionizing reverse osmosis, which is recognized globally as a highly effective treatment option for some of our most difficult water challenges.”

Historically, reverse osmosis membrane elements have required an extraordinary amount of energy to operate. To address this challenge, Aqua Membranes technology replaces traditional mesh spacers with a patented 3D spacer design that optimizes the flow of water through the membrane element. In side-by-side comparisons with conventional elements, Aqua Membranes elements demonstrate energy savings as high as 30 percent. Other environmental and operational benefits include increased water output and reduced scaling rates, which in turn reduces cleaning frequency.

Beckman adds, “Regardless of where you live on the planet or which market you serve, the need for more sustainable operations is universal. We are grateful for the support from our investors, and early adopters, that have helped make our growth possible. We were able to increase production tenfold last year and are excited to continue introducing our technology’s potential in the years to come.”

The award was presented at the Global Water Summit on April 15 in London. To learn more about the Global Water Awards and selection process, visit

About Aqua Membranes

Aqua Membranes manufactures reverse osmosis (RO) membrane elements with Printed Spacer Technology® to revolutionize the performance of RO systems with just the change of membrane elements. With printed spacers, its products improve system output, element life, and energy usage by redesigning the spacer in a way that has never been done before.

Aqua Membranes has two brackish water RO models optimized to solve the most significant issues in industrial, water reuse, and ultrapure makeup water (UPW). Learn how to lower operating costs, meet sustainability goals, and improve operations at