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Many customers and potential partners ask this question.

The answer is yes! Aqua Membranes has several issued and pending patents covering our innovation. Our earliest patents focused mostly on the concept of printing and embossing on membranes. These patents were broader in scope because we hadn’t started manufacturing and were gaining knowledge of various patterns and element designs.

Since we moved to full scale production our latest patents focus on pattern characteristics and production methods. Our more recent patents provide coverage that will span decades into the future as we continue to perfect Printed Spacer Technology®.

We are proud to announce two new patents issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) – Non-nesting (#11,083,997) and Graded Spacers (#11,090,612). These include pattern and element design attributes which cover every pattern we have developed and tested to date. Our strong patent portfolio will springboard Aqua Membranes, and our partners, closer to our goal of creating a technology revolution in the spiral wound membrane element market.

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